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genetic aging prevention


Among the more than twenty currently accepted theories of aging, genetic mechanisms are the most interesting. According to the author’s theory, a significant number of genes are silenced during aging. Gene silencing is a complex process involving DNA methylation, histone and chromatin modification, and the mechanism of RNAi*. Genes are silenced by promoter hypermethylation. On the other hand, genome hypomethylation introduces gene instability, oncogene amplification and gene silencing with RNAi. Studies in yeast, nematodes, flies and mice confirmed significant changes in gene expression during aging. Among them, the most important is silencing anti-oncogenes and genes that control the cell cycle, apoptosis, detoxification and cholesterol metabolism. In old age, there is also an increased expression of genes associated with typical degenerative diseases.Genetic Aging Prevention

The following positive effects on the aging process have been found with Aminocare® A10: increased energy, improved healing, reduced wrinkles and pigment spots, lowered blood cholesterol, improved cellular immunity and reduced frequency of viral infections, improved prostatic hypertrophy and reduced benign breast lumps, as also an antidepressant effect.

Our team conducts extensive research on gene expression in various age groups. We are currently developing a gene expression analyzer that will detect genes that are silenced in an aging organism. The analyzer combines the techniques of nanotechnology and DNA micropanels that will allow for a thorough analysis of the genetic material obtained from a blood sample or a swab from the mucous membrane. It is assumed that the analyzer will enable the determination of changes in gene expression in different age groups and will allow for the introduction of better preventive methods.

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